Investing in Montérégie

A welcoming place full of possibilities

1.6+ million people half of which are bilingual
That accounts for almost 20% of Quebec’s population
A pool of 800,000 workers
An educated, skilled, and diverse workforce
6.2 billion in private and public investments
A blooming territory with a fast-growing economy

Choose the Montérégie

Key sectors


With a working population of 861,900, the Montérégie plays a major role in Quebec’s economy, particularly in industrial activities. More than 100,000 workers employed in the manufacturing sector— the largest number of workers in the field—work in the Montérégie.

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With an enormous territory of 11,111 km2, the Montérégie stands out for its great diversity, its “rurban” environment and its high-quality agricultural land. Part of its urban territory falls within the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal, which includes the Agglomération de Longueuil and the South Shore.

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Our territories and their unique assets

On the doorstep of Montreal

The Agglomération de Longueuil, as well as six other territories on the South Shore (Couronne-Sud), enjoy the multiple advantages of its proximity to the Montreal metropolitan community, particularly access to public transit.

A natural gateway to foreign trade

The Montérégie is at the heart of Quebec’s logistics, offering intermodal transport throughout its territory.

Companies involved in international trade or that would like to invest in the area may be able to simplify customs procedures in the free-trade zone.



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