Living Lab Montérégie

Created as part of ERAC, the Living Lab Montérégie is an emerging laboratory in the Montérégie area that aims at developing an open innovation culture among entrepreneurs in concerted cooperation with partners from the regional ecosystem.

The Living Lab’s raison d’être

To promote co-creation and open innovation among entrepreneurs, economic development advisors, researchers, creators, clients as well as public, private and parapublic decision-makers who want to contribute to making the Montérégie bloom. Together, we can reflect upon solutions to our current societal challenges and support healthy economic growth.


By stimulating the creativity of the entire entrepreneurial community through the facilitation of innovative activities. Montérégie Économique has mandated Continuumsto promote the Living Lab Montérégie.


Open innovation in Quebec and abroad: how researchers leverage opportunities and how the Quebec incubator and accelerator network implement them.


Demystifying excubation: a collaborative model between companies and start-ups to find solutions faster and accelerate their innovation processes.


Support for member economic development advisors and creation of a regional collective intelligence based on their daily challenges.

Cooperathon 2021

The first regional challenge for participants to solve the talent attraction and retention problems in Montérégie organizations.

What exactly is open innovation?

It is an innovation paradigm that encourages companies to use both internally and externally developed ideas, while considering new ways to commercialize and advance their own technologies. Open innovation integrates these fresh ideas and ways of doing things into a new (re)structured business model that is deemed more appropriate.(Chesbrough, 2003.)

More broadly, open innovation is a set of practices organizations use to improve their results and extend their scope by involving into their innovation processes the multiple actors in their environment, such as employees, customers, suppliers, partners, start-ups, and research centres. The knowledge flows involved in the implementation of innovation are no longer limited to the walls of the organization’s innovation department. They now come from the company’s ecosystem as well as from regional sources like universities, financing programs, technological solution providers and any other stakeholders capable of encouraging reflection on innovation design and implementation.