Exceptional agricultural diversification
Market garden and berry crops, dairy farms, field crops, orchards, woodlands and maple groves follow one another, creating a bucolic slide show.
Affordable farm plots
The availability of smaller lots facilitates the start-up of new businesses, young farmers and organic farming.
Great maple syrup potential
The Strategic Plan for the forestry sector highlights the excellent forestry potential of the MRC, particularly in maple syrup production.

Economic sectors

Dairy cows Livestock

Field crops and horticultural production

Fruit growing

Promotion and construction of individual houses

Trucking of ordinary goods

In a nutshell

Occupying the southwestern tip of Quebec, 93% of the MRC is located in an agricultural zone, 45% of which is under forest cover. The territory, characterized by a flat relief except for Mount Covey Hill, borders the St. Lawrence River and the state of New York. Long warm seasons, a generous hydrographic basin and access to the multimodal network towards the United States and Ontario make it a particularly fertile ground for the production, transformation and transportation of agri-foodstuffs.

Photo credit : MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent (Aircam)

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