80% of jobs in the service sector
A synergic business community with over 21,500 jobs that contribute to a great quality of life.
74% of people aged 25 to 64 have a post-secondary degree
Professional education and practical knowledge are a true asset to businesses and the community.
2 strategically located industrial clusters
The cities of Beloeil and Chambly are adjacent to major railroads and highways.

Economic sectors

Local services: retail, business and personal services, restaurants, other services

Farming operation including agri-tourism

Food processing

Professional services: engineering, design, and accounting


Manufacturing: wood and metal processing

In a nutshell

“Rurbanity” is the most distinctive feature of the region, reflected by the proximity of the rural environment to larger urban centres. Agricultural production has been key to the development of small businesses and large agri-food industries, while many people have helped agri-tourism blossom. The Vallée-du-Richelieu is a rallying point, whose prosperous economy has sown the seeds for promising initiatives to germinate in the agri-food sector as well as in local services.

Contact information

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