Pierre-De Saurel

Pierre-De Saurel

7 million sq ft available in the IP Zone
The City of Sorel-Tracy has nearly 7 million square feet of industrial-zoned land that is waiting to be developed.
3 million in investments per year
The $747,000 of funding allocated gave rise to investments of more than $3 million and generated over 100 jobs.
1.7 million invested into workforce attraction
Regional “Virtual Hub” consultation to attract, promote relocation and retain families and talent.

Economic sectors

Circular economy

Metallurgy, steelmaking, processing, and new materials

Marine industry

Agriculture and agroindustry

In a nutshell

When it comes to clean technologies and green economy, the Technopole en écologie industrielle and the CTTEI provide a key competitive edge. Located at the confluence of the Richelieu and St. Lawrence rivers, the area is ideal for reaching Canadian and American markets easily through land, rail, sea, or air transport. A thriving industrial park and an IP Zone with 7 million square feet of available land complete the ideal landscape for setting up a company in fertile soil for innovation and growth.

Contact information

26, Place Charles de Montmagny, Sorel-Tracy, QC J3P 7E3

450-742-5933 dg@depsregion.com