96% of agricultural land
A vibrant area perfect for the development of new short supply chain agricultural businesses and emerging sectors
3 industrial zones with amazing potential
The industrial parks in Acton Vale, Roxton Falls and Upton contributed to the creation of a diversified industrial structure that has developed over the years
5 multinationals creating business opportunities
These large, solid companies hire a network of contractors to meet their various needs

Economic sectors

Food and pharmaceutical products


Polymer – Composite materials

Industrial subcontracting

Agriculture – Emerging production

In a nutshell

The Acton MRC is home to several large, stable companies that hire the services of a network of contractors to meet their needs. This network has grown over the years and offers a diversified industrial structure with some sixty SMEs and VSEs of all types. On the other hand, more than 25 agricultural businesses offer processed products, and this number is continuously growing. A good part of these agricultural businesses are certified organic, and many are emerging sector companies. Producers are networking like never before, which translates into an increase in the supply of local short supply chain products.

Photo credit: Éric Lajeunesse, photographer

Contact information

1037, rue Beaugrand, Acton Vale, QC J0H 1A0