Plenty of reasons to invest in the Montérégie

Plenty of reasons to invest in the Montérégie

Investing in Montérégie means choosing a region that stands out for its diverse economic sectors, amazing location, and dynamic integrated innovation chain.

The strategic place to be

Situated south of Montreal, the Montérégie is bordered by the American states of Vermont and New York and is halfway between Ottawa and Quebec City. As a true intermodal transport hub (air, sea, land, and rail), the area provides businesses easy access to the vast North American and European markets, as well as to over $1 billion consumers. There is no other geographic location like the Montérégie, a true natural gateway to foreign trade.

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A transportation network that’s all about intermodality

16 border crossings at 2 American states (New York and Vermont)

3 regional airports in the area (Saint-Hubert, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Bromont), in close proximity to 2 international airports

3 regional ports, and close to the Montreal Port

3 railroads: CN, CP, and St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad

The dynamic economy of the Greater Montreal area

  • Proximity to the city is a clear advantage to the companies located on the South Shore and in the Agglomération de Longueuil.
  • Thanks to the area’s adapted and well-developed public transit, the increasing population density translates into a large pool of educated workers.
  • Only 15 minutes away from Montreal, the area gives residents the option to enjoy the accessibility and excitement of this world-renowned metropolis.
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Quebec’s breadbasket

Despite its indisputable urban character, the region is largely agricultural. More than 86% of the area has been zoned agricultural and offers privileged access to raw materials, making the Montérégie Quebec’s food pantry. The region is home to a quarter of the province’s farms. Its 7,000 agricultural operations range from large field crops to horticultural and livestock production, along with orchards, cider mills and vineyards that are prime agri-tourism destinations.

A diversified economy with several leading sectors

The Montérégie’s niche markets and clusters make the area a star that shines brightly in and out of Canada. With many interrelated economic activities, the Montérégie has a competitive edge compared to other regions and on international markets. In Quebec, it ranks second, with an impressive 31,000 entrepreneurs who chose the attractiveness and dynamism of the area.

Quebec’s food processing leader

From production to distribution, TransformAction’s supplychain brings together food processors in the Montérégie.

Extensive expertise in metal fabrication

The Réseau de la transformation métallique du Québec, the province’s metal fabrication network, represents companies in the metal fabrication sector.

The Montérégie is home to 21% of Quebec’s metallurgical companies.

Leaders in green innovation

When it comes to green technology, the Montérégie couldn’t be stronger. The area is home to the Créneau d’excellence en technologies propres (CETP), which promotes the eco-efficient development of new technologies.

Innovative technical textiles manufacturing

The head office of TechniTextile’s cluster is located in Montérégie and supports its rich ecosystem.

State-of-the-art electronic systems

Quebec’selectronic systems industry is showcased in one of the province’s first leading innovation zones.

Many other expertise sectors also make the Montérégie shine.

Propulsion Québec is a leader in the ground, electric and intelligent transportation manufacturing sector.

Transport logistics chaincluster.

The service sector (ICT, financial, legal, etc.) is also well represented in the Montérégie economy.

A breeding ground for innovation and R&D

Montérégie stands out for its dynamic research activities and innovation quality. The region promotes the creation of innovative technological solutions for businesses while supporting their competitiveness and their influence in Canada and internationally.

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A dynamic start-up ecosystem

Innovation expertise and several incubators, accelerators, and shared workspaces at your disposal.

A truly integrated innovation chain

Access to more than 20 world-renowned research organizations and university faculties.

3 college technology transfer centres: agri-business, industrial ecology and textile technologies, and geosynthetics and soft materials.

2 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada research and development centres, including the largest food processing in the area.

1 st agri-food industrial park in North America

Saint-Hyacinthe’s Cité de l’innovation agroalimentaire et vétérinaire (centre for agri-food and veterinary innovation) covers 1.7 million m2.

A network of competent economic developers to support you

Economic development organizations are firmly rooted in the economic fabric of their territory and have a close relationship with businesses. The unique support offered to entrepreneurs helps them to easily settle and grow in the Montérégie.

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An exceptional partner for any investor

Investissement Québec International supports international subsidiaries in their expansion projects and participates in the establishment of new foreign investors in Québec.

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At the heart of Quebec’s logistics

A true convergence point of major air, rail, ground and maritime trade corridors, the Montérégie is at the heart of Quebec’s logistics. It has two efficient industrial port zones. And also the largest concentration of businesses in the ground transportation field, making its 2,222 km of roads a credit to the region.

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Simplified customs procedures

Being more competitive by simplifying customs procedures is possible. Take advantage of the personalized import-export consulting service offered in the Montérégie to help you better understand and use the government’s duty and tax exemption programs.

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A flourishing quality of life

Living in the Montérégie means enjoying a unique environment, the perfect combination of rural and urban, where the cost of living is lower than in larger urban centres. The variety of cultural activities, parks, mountains, and green spaces for outdoor aficionados coexist with great educational and health-care centres.

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